The PeaceKeeper Foundation is dedicated to promoting peace through shared solutions to climate change impacts on societies and across all peoples. The scale of climate change is mediated through the global atmosphere, a shared resource that touches every human on the planet. Atmospheric circulation overturns on an annual basis transmitting and distributing greenhouse gases (GHG) and warming to all beneath the sky. Boundaries become meaningless, divisions and lines between countries vanish and humanity  coalesces into global oneness.

But how do we harness the global influence needed to address climate change?

Our brief attempts over the past 15 years to address climate change, from an atmospheric perspective, have not yielded reduction in GHG’s.

It is clear that our approach is not working.

The PeaceKeeper Foundation seeks new and innovative ways to address solutions to climate change that will affect future generations.

Some of the questions we explore:

  1. How important is it to sustain our world, as we have known it, since historical times for future generations?
  2. How could future generations prepare for disruption of societal, cultural and economic norms if our solutions to climate change are not timely or effective?
  3. Can human encraochment of nature be scaled back such that climate change impacts are reduced, thus preserving our landscapes?
  4. How can nature be restored in critical Earth systems such as rainforests and coral reefs with economic, social and planetary benefits?
  5. How can we ensure that Indigenous Peoples unique historic cultures and their knowlege of the envrionment are protected, conserved and tenured in perpetuity?
  6. How can conflict and violence be diminished by climate change solutions that support communities and their well being?
  7. What role should individuals and institutions play in bringing about peace through climate change solutions diplomacy?
  8. How can we ensure that the role of ethics and climate justice are central to local, regional and global climate change solutions?