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GIERI is a grassroots conservation and sustainable development organization operating in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, South Kivu Province, Africa. Enhancing carbon storage by reforestation, conserving land for Indigenous Populations, providing trees for community forest growth, and developing agroforestry programs, represent a mix of carbon and GHG reduction strategies to be monitored by PαC. The economic benefits realized by the project activities will be used to improve the lives of all those in the region. Improvement in nutrition, sanitation, education and community services are needed across the Shabunda region. An additional project perspective is to encourage Les Forêts de la Paix given the history of conflict in the region.

En Brief

GIERI (Groupe d’Intervention Pour l’Encadrement Et La Rehabilitation Integrale, or, Intervention Group for Farming and Integral Rehabilitation) is a nonprofit organization registered in the Democratic Republic of Congo since 1997. Headquartered in the city of Bukavu, DRC, the goal of the project is to develop methods to sequester carbon and reduce total GHG emissions in the region. The project aims to engage the local population in a long term effort to manage the forest and its resources for growth and sustainability while generating tangible benefits and income.


The map shows the approximate project area.

Press Releases

Forest carbon sequestration project takes root in Shabunda region, DRC, Africa, with a focus on sustainability for future generations

The City of Shabunda, nestled within a curve of the Ulindi River, hosts 250,000 inhabits while dense forests to the north are sparsely settled. How could forest carbon sequestration programs be financed and benefit the forests and future generations of the region? The Shabunda Forest Carbon Project attempts to answer these questions.

CO2 Flux Network for 2+ Million Acre Democratic Republic of Congo Forest Carbon Sequestration Projects Proposed to Reverse Deforestation with Economic Benefits

Planetary Emissions Management Inc. and EmiAfrican will deploy a network of CO2 flux sensors across diverse landscapes of the Democratic Republic of Congo to support new tradable GHG products with the goals of reforestation, cultural preservation, and economic benefit.

PEM Finds Forest Carbon Value In the Heart of Africa

Planetary Emissions Management Inc. (PEM) will be participating in the Global African Investment Summit, London, December 1 & 2, seeking investor and forest landowner partnerships in the heart of Africa. PEM plans to apply its patented hardware and financial mechanisms to reforest African land and to protect some of the least disturbed forests on the planet. The PEM approach is based on direct measurement of forest carbon, eliminating estimation and pricing uncertainty for carbon products.